Direct Debit

The Direct Debit option can be used to collect recurring or one-off invoice payments. It’s simple and easy, look:

  • Customers simply add their account details, agree to the Direct Debit mandate and then they will be able to set up their payments
  • With automated payments, your customers won’t have to log into online banking, send cheques or even set a reminder for themselves to pay
  • We’ll send your customers an email to notify them when their payment will be collected
  • If a payment is ever collected by mistake, your customer will be protected by the Direct Debit guarantee.


Direct Debits made easy

Find out how simple and easy to use our Direct Debits are.

One-off payments

Your customers don’t have to remember to pay and then log into their bank to make a transfer. Instead, they can authorise the Direct Debit mandate and schedule the payment beforehand.

Recurring invoices

If you’re running a gym, magazine, club or other business collecting recurring invoice payments from customers, you can easily set up mandates to collect the fees through Direct Debits.

Repeat customers

Set up the mandate once. Change the amounts and schedule payments whenever they’re due. Your customer is always notified before each payment is collected.

Easy and simple to use.

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