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Frequently asked questions

Xonder accounts come packed with smart and time-saving tools, letting you focus less on admin and more on your business.
– Full UK sort code and account number
– Business Mastercard, with free purchases at home and abroad
– Automatic categorisation of your transactions, for easy accounting
– Instant invoice payment and creation
– Up to £15,000 of credit, straight through the app

We’ll be able to verify your identity from most European National ID cards, international driving licenses and passports.

On-boarding timeframes vary depending on the types of applications we receive, but more than half of our new members this year opened their bank account in less than 10 minutes.

Even if your business is a bit more complex and we can’t complete your application right away, if you meet our eligibility requirements it’ll still be far quicker than most high street banks!

No! To open a current account, we perform electronic checks (run by third-party services) to verify your identity and comply with UK anti-money laundering regulations. While these checks will not impact your credit score, they will appear on your credit report.

Yes! Applicants who are not based in the UK may apply for a business account, as long as they are directors of a company registered with UK Companies House. In some cases, we may have to complete additional checks in order to process your application.

We don’t charge monthly or annual fees for our current account.

You only pay for what you use.

You can make payments such as:

  • one-off transfers
  • scheduled payments: future-dated transfers or standing orders
  • Direct Debits

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What we offer