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Why your website should use Xonder?

Our innovative software helps eCommerce business function smoothly and is designed to be affordable for all from start-ups to large corporate sites. Our gateway works seamlessly with some of the Internets biggest eCommerce platforms such as Woo Commerce and Magento

  • Affordable
    More cost effective than the leading gateway payment systems with a £0 monthly fee.
  • Developer First
    Built with developers in mind we have made it easier than ever for you to integrate our system onto your website.
  • Simple to use
    Whilst we know our software is innovating and built for businesses of all scale, we’ve kept it simple to use so both you and your customers have the best experience possible.
  • The Open Payment Network
    Xonder is an independent provider of payment solutions, giving access to all payment modes including credit card, debit card, wallets, alternative payment methods – all from a single platform and open API.

The Open Payment Network via a single API

You’ll find everything you need under a single API making it easier than ever install an Open Payment Network onto your website. It’s time to get your business online in a way that’s simpler than you ever imagined.
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Full support for the biggest code languages

Xonder supports all the biggest code languages meaning no matter how your website has been built you can be confident that our Gateway Payment System can be integrated into your website. Just select the type of code you need, add it to the correct space on your website and your ecommerce business will be up and running the within a matter of minutes.

Integrates effortlessly with e-commerce platforms

We want to give you more flexibility, which is why we’ve ensured our platform will work with a variety of different e-commerce platforms so you can choose the one that best suits your business’ needs.

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We want you to love our system as much as we do! When picking a new system to use we know there are lots of options. That’s why we’ve designed you a flexible, easy to use and affordable platform that works for all types of businesses, from start-ups to well established businesses from all industries.
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